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Sober and Independent Living Program


Dedicated to Providing a supportive sober,  independent, and transitional living environment through socially connecting.

Providing You a Sober and Independent Environment


The Kindred Center (TKC) opened it's doors in 2014 due to need in the sober and independent living community. These communities include persons that have endured homelessness, paroled or probation, and in need of an environment conducive to their lifestyle of being sober. TKC has short and long term residents. We offer housing and three meals per day. Our residents participate in out-patient clinics for their daily needs. They also work and attend school . The staff is informative, motivating, and understanding. The staff maintain a superior level of professionalism and respect for TKC's residents. 


Upon arrival and living here after a week or so, most of our residents make statements of "I could stay here for a long time." TKC's staff attempt to make the environment home-like while providing daily living skills to the residents which fosters positive behavorial changes and improves well-being.

The Kindred Center provides these services to the residents:


  • A room: Double occupancy or Single occupancy

  • Male and Female living quarters

  • Selection of outpatient clinics to attend

  • Two prepared meals per day: Breakfast and Dinner

  • Transportation provided locally and if necessary 

  • Near public transportation

  • Paid utilities

Other Services
The Kindred Center provides these services once a month on-site:


  • Visit from a registered nurse (RN)

  • Visit from a Psychologist

  • Visit from a Psychiatrist

  • Visit from a Medical Doctor

Positive Changes Starts with You!

All Things Good

This article is the story of our client, Doris Doss, who was reunited with her family from a missing persons segment on the KTLA 5 Morning News. Take a look at this amazing story that transformed lives through socially connecting. Doris continues to be healthy and vibrant, while living at The Kindred Center. 

.What the article did not  mention is Doris was found at a local McDonald's sobbing by two gentlemen who introduced her to the wife of one of the men. The wife assisted Doris in finding a safe place to live. Three days after Doris was living at The Kindred Center, the segment on KTLA aired and Mr. and Mrs. Borders took Doris to the police station to be reunited with her family. it took a village to ensure Doris's safety.


A Few Words of Love 

"I arrived in L.A. with no idea where I was or was going. Within the 6 days I was here, I was hospitalized for 3 days. I was released and referred to The Kindred Center. I said, "Half-way house! What?" Once there, I met Lynn, very sweet. I said, "I'll be back in a minute just going for a couple of beers." Got my first taste of straight. Lynn said, "This is a sober and living facility." I said, "Oh Man!" Then, I met Richard. He took me in with almost no money for rent. I never met anyone like them before, but I could feel the love. And still do! I had fun and met the greatest people. If you want a place to put direction and peace in your life, this is the place."

                                                                                            -Jimmi S. 

The Kindred Center 

"Living here at The Kindred Center, I feel warmth from others. Also, when I talk to people here I get a sense of happiness when going through my own life. While staying here, I feel that it helps me throughout my journey when things are given to me as a challenge. I feel that they understand more about others here and in life. Thank you Lynn and Richard!"

                                                                                  ~ J. Bustos


Good Things 

"I am 60 something years old and been with Lynn since 2003 when she worked at a different place. When she opened her own business I moved with her. I enjoy being around Lynn because she reminds me of my children and keeps me active and laughing. I am a permanent fixture in this facility and enjoy every moment. I go to a adult care program for a half a day then, retire to my room where there is peace and quiet."

 ~ Ruth



"I want to thank you for all your kindness and services. You have a well-run facility and good staff members. P.T. never had one complaint while he was staying there. He sure did brag about your home style cooking. Although he had to leave, who knows he may return to your facility. I admire you and your staff....what an asset to The Kindred Center.  God Bless YOU!"

 ~ B.J. Thomas, Guardian of P.T.


Feeling Comfortable

"Having live here for over a year, I would highly recommend The Kindred Center as a safe and comfortable home style place to stay. The owners are very compassionate and pleasant to deal with as well as the building is brand new and all rooms are a decent size with no overcrowding of tenants that can be an issue in some places."

                                                                                                          ~C. Tiner                                                                    

Finding Myself

"The Kindred Center is God sent to me. This place is where I found peace of mind when I got here was lost in so many was. Since I been her I found myself again. 'Peace of mind' The Kindred Center is a very peaceful place to live! I love it here, Lynn and Richard are my angels."

 ~ Kathia B.


Just a Place

"I don't like The Kindred Center because alot of weird people come to The Kindred Center that annoy me. I am kind of a private person. As far as  staff is concerned, their just pretty neutral."

 ~ M. Simien.



"The Kindred Center is a place where I personally rent. I think the center is safe and carefully operated center. The staff work hard to maintain a clean facility. I've been here for a year now, and I enjoy everyday. The Kindred Center, although a residence, is treated and respected like a home. My name is Christoper George and I enjoy my stay."

 ~ Christopher George


Feeling Appreciated

"The Kindred Center has been very professional and respectful to  me. We have a lounge area and breakfast every morning to get us started; snacks and dinner; and the tenants feel relaxed all day. Thank God for The Kindred Center."

 ~ Charla M.S.


This Place 

"I like where I stay. It's comforting and quiet. The kitchen and living room are clean all day and nobody changes that. Daily chores are done to help keep this house maintained."

 ~ Joey



"There was one thing I did not like which was my roommate. Other than that, the facility was kept clean, the food was good, and my overall experience was a good one. I want to thank  you for allowing me to stay and for your services."

 ~ P.T.


The Stay

"My stay at THE KINDRED CENTER has been nothing short of amazing. The establishment is well-kept, clean, and the owners, Richard and Lynn, are very hospitable. You could say it is a home away from home as it is well furnished with a day room, spacious backyard, and the tenants are like a family. The supervisor, Chris, ensures that the environment is both comfortable and welcoming. I highly recommend staying at THE KINDRED CENTER; should I EVER need assistance in somewhere to live, I would without a doubt return to my second home, THE KINDRED CENTER."

 ~ Michael D.


The Adjustment

"Upon arrival at The Kindred Center it seemed a little to quiet for my taste. But as time went by I learned to appreciate the cleanliness and the good food. I would recommend it to anyone with challenges of any sort. In addition, the other housemates are friendly and the staff takes time to listen and do their job in a professional manner."

 ~ Dan O.


The Letter

"The Kindred Center in brief has basically gotten me back on my feet. Additionally, from being homeless and in mental hospitals for an entire summer. They run a tight ship with an 8 pm curfew and zero drug use. Also, there are chores every Saturday. The only meetings they require are for the house, which are on every other Saturday or Sunday. I am happy to say that I am now stable and thinking straight. I had been living here for about six months. This is the best sober/independent living I have ever been to because there are no bed bugs, clean house, , friendly people, and manager/leaders. Oh! And in my opinion, the food is always excellent." 

 ~ Is-Z


Enjoying My Stay 

"Since I have been here at The Kindred Center of October 2016, I have found it to be very pleasant and a very very clean facility. I have not had any problems or difficulties since I have moved here. I am enjoying my stay very much. Thank you Lynn & Richard!"

 ~ P. Lockett


Safe & Clean 

"The place is brand new. Richard and Lynn, the owners, are extremely friendly and understanding of the tenants needs. All rooms are clean and bathrooms are brand new and a good size. I have felt very safe and comfortable since moving in last year."

                                                                                                  ~S. Campbell


To The Point

"My experience  here at The Kindred Center has been a good and eye opening experience for me."

 ~ Art D.H.


First Impression

"I like The Kindred Center. The food here is excellent. When I first walked in the door, I saw  it was very clean. I thank Lynn for listening to my problems. Thank you!"

 ~ Simone




                                                     "CONNECTING SOCIALLY THROUGH PERSONAL CHANGE"

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