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The Kindred Center - providing a unique evironment that encourages connecting with the community to promote growth.

About The Kindred Center


The Kindred Center will provide a supportive sober and independent living environment that encourages the individual, fosters positive behavioral changes, and improves emotional well-being while connecting with the community to further promote independent growth for reintegration into the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Borders founded The Kindred Center (TKC) in 2014 as previously mentioned due to the need of housing for individuals enduring homelessness, parole or probation, and sober and living. Both are retired, Mr. Borders from LAUSD and Mrs. Borders from the county of Los Angeles. They chose to open their doors to the sober and living community to provide a safe and supportive environment with a home-like atmosphere. They feel by providing such an environment, the residents will be able to become productive citizens and reintergrate into the community successfully. Mrs. Borders has worked and/or volunteered in the field of sober and living for over 15 years. Mrs. Borders started working in a board and care facility and helped transition that facility from a board and care to a Sober and Living facility. Mrs. Borders enjoyed her time at that facility and decided to open her own facility known as THE KINDRED CENTER. Both, Mr. and Mrs. Borders, hope TKC will foster the personal change and growth in the residents behavior for years to come. 


TKC house individuals living with co-current disorders that include substance use. Our residents are independent functioning at a hight level, but need housing stability and support. TKC staff assist residents with their medication, problem solving, and other needs as necessary. TKC staff build rapports with each resident for better understanding of their needs on a foundation of respect. 


The Kindred Center is a charitable organization here to assist individuals with both short-term and long-term solutions while in recovery. We are committed to providing a unique environment that encourages self-efficacy and sustaining a clean and sober and independent lifestyle while fostering interpersonal growth. Our organization focuses on its efforts through providing the highest quality professionalism to make a significant difference for individuals navigating the recovery process of substance abuse.



                                                     "CONNECTING SOCIALLY THROUGH PERSONAL CHANGE"

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