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The Kindred Center is here to assist you with both long-term or short-term solutions, providing excellent, and professionally trained staff for a sober and independent living environment.

Residential Services


We are a resource for those who are experiencing homelessness, being paroled or probation, and looking to sustain their sober and living independent lifestyle. We provide transitional housing within a supportive environment for those who are physically [yet independent] and mentally challenged. We operate within a democratic culture that include weekly and bi-weekly meetings for self-help. ​TKC provide community referrals to outpatient clinics and adult day centers to further promote a positive standard of living. 


Medical Visits

As previously stated, all medical visits are in-house and once a month. The medical personnel are one medical doctor and one Registered Nurse (RN). The medical visits may include but are not limited to initial or annual physicals and check ups. However, the RN may visit weekly for follow up treatment(s) or other medically related issues. 


Specialist Services

As aforementioned, all specialist visits are in-house and once a month. The specialist personnel are one psychiatrist and one psychologist. However, the psychologist may visit weekly for follow up services. 

The Kindred Center, Sober and Independent Living Program



                                                     "CONNECTING SOCIALLY THROUGH PERSONAL CHANGE"

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